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Multitude of stars shines bright when it is dark meaningful when it is elliptical

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Regardless of multitudinous unlit scary clouds hover over the head The sun rays will invariably find their ways They are the rays of hope!  

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I wonder why are they here? in the shallow water of a lone lake and salty water is rusting  their surfaces from all directions what are they waiting for? amid mighty mountains which are covered with scattered snow and reflection is seen on the shallow water it seems boats are climbing mountains or  mountains are… Continue reading Boats

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Father’s Love

It is an eternal peace Heavenly home I find in your palm   The warmth of your paw is Tranquillity in the chaos Cocoon to find me rest And the world I live upon   Your love is knitted in every layer of my heart A ceaseless companionship Travelling along with every cell of a… Continue reading Father’s Love

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Old Diary

An old diary  which was cornered since long after years it drew the attention of eyes which were busy searching the lost soul   As fingers scrolled over the cover page  layers of dust accumulated on it  began making queer sketches over it  the thickness of dust revealed it is an old charm, so are… Continue reading Old Diary

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Some stories occur in mind only by discovering their place somewhere in the cranium they do not hit anywhere in the living they never inhibit the space in the blue planet yet we live those stories assuming them the real ones they hatch in caput however, find their way to affection and get knitted in… Continue reading Stories

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कभी वो मेरे इर्दगिर्द चली कभी में उसके इर्दगिर्द चला वो मेरे ख्वाब था या कोई भूली बिसरि हकीकत मेरे जहन में सदियों तक यही बात चलती रही मैंने अपना रास्ता बदला उसने अपना राही वो किसी कलम से बहकर किसी किताब के पन्नो में छपती रही वो कहानी किसी शहर में बस यही गुमनाम… Continue reading कहानी