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Two Fundamental Reasons Your Business Is Not Growing

Photo by Lukas on (Disclaimer: This post is completely raw, it does not borrow analysis from the various web articles. I’ve tried putting a perspective on the table in my way. However, I’ll appreciate your constructive criticism and feedback.) Let’s begin with Steve Jobs’s remark, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is… Continue reading Two Fundamental Reasons Your Business Is Not Growing

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An Adventuresome Luck

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash This dawn when I woke up It appears a slight unusual I peered outside the window With a mug of tea in my hand With tons of thoughts crisscrossing my mind I noticed the sun in the same orientation Illuminating this part of the globe with the same spirit I was about to… Continue reading An Adventuresome Luck

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I Have Fallen Close To Death

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash Dear Life, With your permission Today I want to express something to you My valuable, you have been running since long Don’t you consider you should take a scant rest? No, I am not proposing you to keep your breath I just wish you to accompany me Here, in this rock, amid… Continue reading I Have Fallen Close To Death

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A Letter To Spectacles

Dear Spectacles, I know this will shock you seeing me penning this postcard to you for the first time. My dear, I have seen the world through you. I have read words through you. You were eyes of my eyes. Do you remember, when my sentiments would melt and run down the cheeks, I used… Continue reading A Letter To Spectacles

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I Wish Stars

Photo by egil sjøholt on The Earth is round and there is one corner which is devoid of the light and I am not happy about it I wish to climb the ladder which goes beyond the cirrus clouds where the last stride is surrounded by a cluster of stars I would want to… Continue reading I Wish Stars

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Diametrically Opposite

Photo by Marl Clevenger on Unsplash When you say never leave me, They leave… When you say never hurt me, They hurt… When you say don’t love me They love you more… When you say leave me They hold you tight… When you say you have hurt me a lot They will hurt you more… When you say… Continue reading Diametrically Opposite